Hibernating Season

by Pingüinos

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A short 6 song EP, lamenting the cold of Albany, New York. Mostly written/recorded in winter of 2009.


released March 8, 2011

Peter Mollica: Guitar, ukulele, cuatro, percussion, vocals, kazoo, etc.
Matt Hamilton: Harmonica
Tim Koch: Trumpet



all rights reserved


Pingüinos Queens, New York

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Track Name: Hibernating Season
Drying off the alcohol that’s evaporating from my skin
I’ve nausea from looming responsibilities
My room is a cave, one window is not enough
I keep warm from the heat of my own breath

I’ve letters to write in languages that I’m losing
I don’t change my socks, oh the air it stings
My bike is now whining to go play outside
I miss the people most, I don’t see
I miss the sun, I fear life’s passing me

This is hibernating season.
Track Name: Anytime Matinee
I'm the boy on the bike
No money for gas
No license to drive
Living life in the fast lane
I call it the shoulder on the highway

Behind my eyelids there's a big screen
A beam of light shoots films at the anytime matinee
Horny couples in their parents Chevrolet
Missing the story that's lighting up their eyes

You're the girl that I like
with gold strands of hair, that money can't buy
riding round on your 26" rims
you make my stomach ache and my heart itch

Behind my eyes there's a movie screen
A projector fires films in a big beam
All my friends who've left, they become my friends again
As the sun soon steals the light from my eyes
Track Name: I Saw Your Rise
I saw your rise/eyes before the sun came up
Our skin was splayed across the chair
It's gravity that we possess
A refrigerator door, a billion bees

I woke a new morning
But the moon is still hanging there
The sun's running late, the sky sent the rain instead
So I now bury my head

How fascinating it all to be
9 months ago I was sailing free
I was flirting with the stars
I was sweating out of fear and equatorial gusts
9 months later I am totally engulfed
Wholly wrapped in sheets
I can already smell the snow
Track Name: Hook, Line & Sinker
A thousand burning filaments
that radiate and light the room
I'm a darkened doorway
and I can't break my glance from you

Your consonants that melt together,
weakening my knees
Your vowels dance, oh
how I pray they take the lead

I'm a clam ascending in the clutches of a seagulls beak
only to be shattered on the rock
and devoured on the beach

I do not belong between the seas and salted sky
It was never writ for me to attempt flight
It were the waves who betrayed me
when they cast me off to die
but I can't say that I never wondered why.
Track Name: They Look Like Good Strong Hands, Don't They?
It’s a fact we forget in our tired old age
but everyone of us grew up, we were boys
we were girls
we lived free, but learned
the world can be a cold dark place,
full of warm glad happy people.

I bet you miss your wife as you sleep alone tonight,
the tears put out the fire behind
those raging eyes you've got,
four men learned the waves and winds
and how they’d meet the bow,
they sleep alone right now,
iron bars mediate between them and the breathing world.

Do you lie awake like me,
wondering, the truth that'll choke you harder?
She’s the memory, trampled by the hooves of desire.

Everyone of us will sleep alone.
My mother wonders what I see
Until our last breath, no we can’t go home
I'd trade my place, to set her soul free
Track Name: Lord, I Told You
Spring's gonna come
Lord, I told you
but you don't listen none